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Our Process
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Examples of landscaping plans

Our process

  1. Schedule Appointment: Either by telephone or email, we will schedule an appointment to meet with you at the location where you require landscape design services.
  2. Have you complete a Landscaping Needs Questionnaire: The Landscaping Needs Questionnaire allows us to determine your preferences, desires and budget for your landscape design requirements.
  3. Provide on-site consulting. At this step, we will come to your site and consult with you one on one about your landscape needs. We will prepare a design proposal outlining time and rates to complete your design.
  4. Provide Drawings / Plans: We will complete conceptual drawings and/or detailed landscape plans which provide diagrams and/or symbols and/or explanations explaining the landscape features discussed during our initial meeting on site.
  5. Provide estimates: A cost estimate for construction with timeline will be provided in writing to you with terms of payment.
  6. Sign contracts: Once we’ve agreed on a cost to construct, we will enter into a contract with you that outlines our guarantees for performing our exceptional level of service within a specified timeline that meets your needs.
  7. Construction and Installation: We will construct and install all exterior landscape features such as retaining walls, brick patios, decks, arbors, fences, water features, irrigation systems, planting beds, turf areas and plant material.
  8. Follow Up: After the job is complete and the invoice is paid, we don’t forget about you. We will check in with you to see if you have any further questions about plant care or anything else concerning your new landscape. Our customers are customers for life.

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Horticultural and Garden Consultation $300.00 plus GST

Includes up to 2 hour consultation whereby we come to your home and discuss features that can include: elements of design to improve your current landscape, material options, plant options, plant and tree maintenance and health. We can make recommendations on the best way to improve and/or change what you currently have.  Simple Design sketches can be included as part of this process.  If it is determined that a garden overhaul is required and you choose to proceed with a full landscape drawing, a portion of this consultation fee will be applied towards the design fee proposed.

Design Fees – Determined upon site meeting and assessment.

Once we meet on site to assess your individual needs we will provide a cost estimate for our design services. Drawings are comprehensive, to scale, and include hardscape and soft-scape layouts. We design anything outdoors! This includes patios, decks, walls, arbours, hot tubs, planting beds, ponds, swimming pools – whatever you can dream of! You will see exactly how to proceed with developing your garden, and what our construction estimate will be based on. 3D Designs are available upon request for an additional fee.

Examples of landscaping plans

Landscape Concept:

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Landscape Design:

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3D Design:

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Brenda’s creative design gave our unusual lot so much character and Max and his crew were able to bring her design to life. The final product far exceeded our expectations.

~ John and Corinne Forster

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