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About our team

Over 65 years of combined experience in the horticulture, custom landscape design and installation trade for residential and commercial landscapes—that’s only one of the unique aspects of the Synergy team.

Our friendly team of professionals are trained in:

  • The art of xeriscape

  • Environmental & sustainable approach in the landscape

  • Water conservation

  • Locally grown plants

  • Trained in the art of Feng Shui theories and can incorporate this into any design

Working with us means you’ll experience exceptional results with our reliable, prompt and thorough customer service.


It starts with the crew. We train and mentor our employees so that they have the skills, confidence, and support to deliver outstanding landscaping projects. Our best practices and methodology mean that you receive quality work and products on every project. It isn’t done until it’s done right. We guarantee our work and stand behind our products and practices. From plants to hardscapes to materials—we’ve got this and we’ve got you covered.


The real difference is how we interact with clients from ground level to leadership level. Throughout the entire project, we aim to create a stress-free, headache-free experience. It starts at the start—we take the time to understand the end “use” of the space so that the project is set up properly. We can provide all of the services and manage them (electricians, pool install, etc.). True “start to finish” completion—from design to install to maintenance. We will never walk from a job until it is absolutely 100% done.

meet the team

Max Hoogveld

Max Hoogveld OWNER

Let me start by saying, I love what I do! I have been landscaping for 30 years now and the reason why is because I love working outside with plants, designing, building and maintaining landscapes for families to enjoy. It’s always a pleasure, after every new landscape that is installed or maintained, to step back and admire the work that we have created.

I come from a background where discipline and hard work are some of the building blocks to succeed in life. I guess you can say my passion for gardening started with having to do chores as a kid and a lot of those chores were working in the yard. You name it, we had to do it and if we didn’t there would be more chores. Funny thing is I always enjoyed mowing the grass, working in the garden, even started a veggie garden. My parents have always been gardeners so the root of my passion for landscaping comes from them.

At 26 I went to school and graduated with a diploma as a Horticulture Technologist in Landscape Design. Since then, I have had many great experiences building and creating beautiful landscapes some of which include Japanese gardens and water features, and continued with training in many aspects of landscaping and design to better myself and share my experience with others.

It is my goal to continue to build a team around me that shares in my passion for landscaping, where each individual contributes their talent and works together to build a company that works with our clients to create beautiful landscapes - Synergy.

When I am not working it’s all about family, my amazing wife Lucy and our two kids, and of course our dog Makita. Lucy and I come from big families so family events take precedent. Other times you will see me out trying to master golf, go for hikes around Kelowna with Makita or simply relax and tinker in my own yard.

Synergy Landscape Team Member



I love making something from nothing into something really beautiful, and unique. I also love creating a space that allows our customers to love their yards.

Synergy Landscape Team Member


Office Manager

Jeaninne has 17 years experience in customer service, accounts receivable and accounts payable, and is highly organized and consistent.

Synergy Landscape Team Member


Maintenance Manager

Yvette has 28 years experience in landscape maintenance, and loves taking care of beautiful personal properties in the Okanagan.

Synergy Landscape Team Member


Maintenance Labourer

Franz has been with Synergy since May of this year and has learned a lot since then, and prefers working with an excavator or building a wall.

Synergy Landscape Team Member


Install Foreman

Aaron has been with Synergy on the install crew for 8 years. He has his irrigation certification, as well as a paver installation certification.

Synergy Landscape Team Member


Install Foreman

Sergio has over 17 years experience working in the design landscape industry. He is very detailed oriented and takes pride in his work.

Synergy Landscape Team Member


Install Foreman

Tyler's hands-on approach has provided him with a deep understanding of the industry, honing his skills, allowing him to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Synergy Landscape Team Member


Install Lead Hand

I have been landscaping for 7+ years and enjoy building hard landscapes, especially rock walls. Working with the Synergy crew has been the greatest experience.

Synergy Landscape Team Member


Office Assistant

Brad has a lot of industry experience and loves working outdoors, and being able to transform clients' yards into more attractive and usage areas.