East Kelowna #2

2001 - Present

David & Joan

Project Description

“We want lots of colour” was the consistent theme in the creation of this garden design.

When the Burkes bought the property, the house was surrounded by an apple orchard.  It had a slope and juniper bank in the back for landscaping.  

Orchard trees were removed to create the driveway and yard space big enough for the pool, large entertaining area and creation of the parklike landscape.  

Using the grade that had been a juniper bank, steps down to the pool, and the installation of a water feature brought the  garden together.  To further create depth, a raised patio seating area with arbor and shade trees behind, served as a beautiful backdrop to the pool and surrounding patio.

The Burkes garden has been a joy to design, build and maintain over the last 2 decades.   Seeing the trees mature into the beautiful specimens they have become is most rewarding.   Working with the Burkes has been a joy as well!

pool patrol pool covers
pool patrol pool covers